What Causes Hair Loss

Around half of all men are affected by hair loss at some time in their lives. 80% of these cases will be androgenetic alopecia, which is hereditary hair loss caused by an over-sensitivity to DHT, a metabolic product of testosterone. The other 20% of cases are caused by other factors, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, chronic or extreme bouts of stress or trauma.

There are typically 5 gradings of hair loss, shown below. A person will lose around 100 hairs a day which is replaced by new hairs, but hair loss occurs and progresses when the loss outweighs the new hair growth.

The Hair Growth Cycle

There are three hair growth phases with the entire process taking between two to eight years. With hair follicles only regenerating themselves around 14 times before that hair root dies off completely. When this hair growth cycle is disturbed by stress, poor diet and lifestyle or by testosterone reaching its peak in puberty hair loss can be experienced. Alpecin helps to return the hair to it's growth phase, so you may see stronger and thicker hair

Hair Loss Collection

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