How does the Alpecin Caffeine Range Work?

The Caffeine products are designed for men to help strengthen the hair and the Alpecin Caffeine Liquid Forte helps to reduce hair loss. The range is designed for daily use because the caffeine will only stay on the hair for around 24 hours. Daily use is essential to make sure your hair stays energised every day to help strengthen it.

Alpecin Recharges The Hair

With years of research, Dr. Wolff has perfected a Galenic formulation that unlocks caffeine’s potency. It’s German engineering for your hair. Alpecin and it's caffeine complex recharges your hair daily to maintain a full and strong appearance.

Caffeine - Stimulates and recharges

Zinc - Nourishes weakend strands

Niacin - Improves the look and feel of the hair

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Results may vary depending on individual situations and the Alpecin product used.