Reducing Hair Loss

Reducing Hair Loss

It’s Never Too Late To Fight Hair Fall

Most men think that when they see signs of hair fall, that it’s inevitable. There are two undeniable secrets that will help any man from losing hair any further. A healthy lifestyle and good hair care.

Our tip: start with the right care early on to keep a full head of hair for longer.

There are multiple scenarios where a man can experience the desire to have thicker, stronger hair:

  1. They have a full head of hair and want to keep it that way.

  2. They start to notice age-related loss and want to stop this in its tracks.

  3. They want to prevent their remaining hair from falling out.

The rule of thumb in maintaining hair strands is: The sooner a man takes action, the better the results will be. With proper tools and active responses, you can prevent the worst-case scenario. 

Every second man will suffer from hair loss over the course of their lives, in 80% of cases this is due to genetics. To determine whether you belong to a risk group, you need to take a look at your father and grandfather on both your paternal and maternal side. If one of those suffers from hair loss, has a bald patch or indeed is completely bald, it is highly likely that you will also experience considerable hair loss.

For a long time, hair loss was considered to be unstoppable. Since the breakthrough achieved by the Alpecin research team at the latest, hair loss no longer has to be a matter of fate.

The real solution for keeping hair strong and thick is through shampoos and tonics that are backed up by research and experiments. 

Alpecin has created a tonic with the active ingredient caffeine.

Studies prove that caffeine inhibits the negative effects of testosterone on hair growth and it balances out the resultant lack of energy. It extends the growth phases of the hair roots back to the normal length so that hair can grow even into old age. The daily use of Caffeine Liquid Forte protects your hair roots from the effect of testosterone which trigger hair loss. The hair roots are thus strengthened, and hair loss is reduced.

So, for those who have already experienced hair fall for quite some time, is it too late?


Thankfully, it’s not. The general notion for hair fall is that it’s never too late to fight for your hair.

You still have time to protect your remaining hair. The Caffeine Liquid Forte helps to protect against hair loss, you can stop hair loss from progressing and preserve your remaining hair.

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