How do you know when your hair is thinning?

Every person loses hair daily, but the rate of hair loss can increase depending on your circumstances. Influences such as diet, lifestyle, stress, hormones and genetic predisposition to hair loss ( androgenetic hair loss) can increase hair loss and lead to hair thinning.

Your hair may be thinning if you notice more hairs on your pillow upon waking, your scalp is becoming more visible, your hair line is starting to recced or you notice more hair falling out when you wash or brush your hair.

Steps you can take to help prevent hair thinning

Along with the Alpecin Caffeine Liqyid Forte you can make some changes to further decrease your hair loss.

  • Eating a balanced diet, full of nutrient dense foods. Your body needs a steady stream of nutrients to maintain healthy hair growth
  • Reducing stress in your life, excessive stress can lead to hair loss
  • Increasing you sleep quantity and quality
  • Reduce hair styling, hair colouring and excessive heat can damage the hair leading to hair loss

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